Found Findhorn

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1966684_1447676442136058_1238368275_n We had a recent visit to the amazing place that is The Findhorn Foundation close to Inverness. Walking around I was completely inspired by the different styles and building techniques of the houses there.

The design’s complemented the area and landscape and gave a warm community feel to the place. In the evening a concert was held in the  lovely Universal Hall (pictured) which I found out had hot tubs behind it! (not pictured).

1964989_1447676615469374_1798517770_nThere was everything a small village would have, a great shop selling everything from fruit and veg to organic alcohol to mystical products and healthy packed foods. A pizza place, a cafe, venues for singing, eating, and dancing.

I probably wont get back there too soon as it’s a long from Italy but one day I will attempt to stay a bit longer. Thank you Findhorn.