Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

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b535ba228e1bee3a3f2b091d39872454.jpgAyahuasca Ceremonies.

We are really excited to be hosting our first shamanic ceremonies at NuArc with 2 nights of Ayahuasca. Each night consists of 2 ceremonies with the groups being a max of 3 persons each night.

Friday May 3rd – 3 spaces available.

Saturday May 4th – 1 space available.

Included will be overnight stay, all meals, snacks and refreshments. All foods are plant based, suitable for vegetarians/vegan. Can cater for gluten intolerant if notified before.

The ceremonial facilitators are highly recommended as we have worked with them before. They will provide professional and full care assistance, from the early evening through to the next day. (participants must complete a short questionnaire with their application)

Contact us for more information and prices.

email info@nuarc.org

WhatsApp +39 392 155 1996


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