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Tell your friends “I helped launch that”.

If you’re someone who loves to hear and share positive stories, gets excited about new developing projects surrounding sustainable living education, health and well-being and development of small scale farm communities then we have an opportunity right up your street.

Play your part, however large or small you choose, in the creation of a forward thinking centre in Puglia, South Italy. Enclosed in 6 and half acres of fertile, arable land will stand an eco-educationhub, comprising a traditional ‘trulli’ house as the gate house, a strawbale dojo and eco-house built using cutting edge technology married with traditional construction crafts.

So here is the first of the blogs to go with the creation of our NuArc community.

As Autumn draws in so are the plans to get this dream off the ground. We will be attending a 2 seminar in Rome about Strawbale building where Barbara Jones of Straw works will be speaking alongside Stefano Soldati. Barbara was instrumental in the building of La Boa ( a beautiful strawbale permaculture centre, near Venice, Italy.La Boa

Barbara Jones is a pioneer in Europe of the buildings with straw bales. She was the founder of ‘ Amazonails ‘ ( now ‘ Straw Works ‘ ) , a non – profit leaders in the UK, which since 1994 provides design, consulting , training and support in building houses of straw and other sustainable techniques for self-builders , architects , schools, community groups and businesses. Involved in the construction of over 300 buildings over the last 19 years has received a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by ‘ Women in Construction ‘ . The aim of ‘ Straw Works ‘ ( fb: StrawWorksUK ) is to encourage everyone, through the use of simple methods of practical teaching , to engage in the construction process, especially those who have always been cut off from construction sites , such as women , young and old . At least 50 % of the course participants ‘ Straw Works ‘ are women. The great technical expertise and the ability to relate with people of Barbara make it unique as a teacher. He is the author of the only Italian text on buildings with straw bales with a review in English in 2009. Among the most recent design of a house PassivHaus and townhouses self-supporting . Will be soon be the design of a Hotel.

Stefano Soldati for over twenty five years dealing with agriculture alternatives. Eighteen years, travels the world teaching organic cereal , business management and later buildings with straw bales . He studied in the UK with Barbara Jones and Bee Rowan construction techniques with bales of straw , plaster in clay and lime , forming as a designer and teacher. He specializes in raw land Germany. It is one of the first four graduates in Italian Permaculture . He was the first President of the Italian Academy of Permaculture . He has taught at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice, the CAT in Wales (UK) and is a professor at the School of Sustainable Practices in Milan and at the Ecovillage GAIA Navarro (Argentina) .

We will keep you updated……


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