Nu Fayre Wine

The fineties from this particular area of Italy are out of this world and have been kept a secret for too long.

redTherefore an idea was born for the benefit of both communities, Puglia will be able to export her Organic and biodynamic produce, and London will experience the exquisite flavours that make Puglia so memorable.

We are now taking pre orders for the first pallet to arrive this summer. Please contact us for more details and prices. 

Passionately crafted by a 5th generation vintner from Puglia, the Sarolo range finally yields a truly delicious wine using ancient farming methods and an unusually low sulphite content, resulting in pure bliss with none of the usual hangover feelings.

  • Rosso: ruby red coloured, rich in character and spice with earthy undertones.
  • Bianca: golden coloured with a dry yet fresh autumnal fruits flavour.
  • Susumaniello: oak aged, crimson coloured with a robust berry-rich flavour.
    (the Susumaniello grape was almost extinct until farmers like Marco in Puglia brought it back)

The wines will be available for the public online and if you have any friends/family that run or work in bars, restaurants, wine merchants, delicatessens etc and know the importance of stocking a good, healthy and exciting wine then please let me know.

I will be putting more information on (feel free to Like the page) yet if you would like more information in the meantime please contact me here or on

This Artisan limited edition Organic wine is has received glowing reviews by Slow Food Italy, Gambero Rosso and the Veronelli wine guide.

Bowl of Olive Oil

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